What is eLove Matchmaking?

eLove Matchmaking brings personal matchmaking and dating coaching to upscale singles.

Matchmaking that works for you.

Traditional matchmaking is not a new concept. It has been well established for hundreds of years and not only continues to evolve, but is thriving in today's environment. The benefits and value provided are unmatched by anything else and have only improved through technology. At eLove, we recognize and understand the unique advantages personal matchmaking has to offer.

Who is eLove?

Before describing the specific advantages of eLove Matchmaking, we'd like to first introduce ourselves. We are the largest personal introduction service in the world and have survived, and thrived, over the years because of many things:

  1. We care about our members.
  2. We train our staff in a variety of relationship issues.
  3. We spend a great deal of time and money keeping our membership "fresh", new, and diverse.
  4. We understand your concerns about safety.
  5. We offer guarantees on our memberships and provide the services promised.

The Matchmaking Advantages

  • Privacy
    Not everyone is comfortable with putting their photo online and revealing their intimate details on the internet for the world to see. Your ex, coworkers, neighbors, students, friends, family or strangers will not be able to pull up your profile on a search engine and scrutinize you. Your privacy is of the utmost importance and enforced with a confidentiality agreement.

  • Safety
    All of our matchmaking service members are pre-screened and must undergo a mandatory criminal background check. Your safety is of paramount importance and we make sure to meet each of our members. We reserve the right to terminate a membership for behavior unbecoming of a lady or a gentleman. We make our best efforts to ensure our members are honest and sincere, allowing you to be comfortable to explore without fear or worry.

  • Personalization
    Your matchmaker has your personality profile and will get to know the real you. Your information is not simply run through a computer system and matched up by demographic data, but through a combination of science, intuition, experience and insight. Your matchmaker will select matches that offer you the maximum chance of success. No matter how good a technology is, quality matchmaking is, and will always be, a subjective matter.

  • Quality
    Matchmaking is not a numbers game. Our members go through a well-defined process which enables us to select the best of the best. They are serious, sincere and not here to play games or just "hook-up". Rest assured they are there for the same reasons as you.

  • Efficiency
    With today's demands, singles face more challenges and are busier than ever before. You don't have to spend countless hours browsing a sea of dating profiles or writing dozens of introduction emails. You don't have to spend your time trying to figure out if a person is real, or what their real intentions are. The last thing anyone wants is to go through a lot of work only to end up being stood up. Even worse would be to end up heartbroken after finding out your date wasn't honest from the start. Your matchmaker saves you from all of this by spending the time to find the best match for you - so that your time is spent in the most productive way. All you'll need to figure out is whether the chemistry is right and everything else will fall into place.