Help with using Wingman Barney, help!

The "Wingman Barney™, help" button on some of our users' profiles is a trigger for Wingman Barney™.

When you click on it, he’ll analyse the profile of a woman/man you like and find the best way to approach her/him. After you click the button, Barney sends the lady/gentleman of your choice a message he believes will get her/his attention and make her/him reply.

The first 3 'Yes' messages are free, which means that you can communicate for free with the first 3 ladies/gentlemen who message you thanks to our wingman.

Wingman Barney™ is a hybrid dating Confidante, part computer algorithm, part real, live human relationship expert for both men and women. The algorithm first digs deep to find members the right match, looking at everything from appearance preferences to hobbies. Once members are matched, the Wingman gives users everything from the latest recipes for appetizers and cocktails to the most in-depth relationship advice.

Through Wingman Barney™, takes a huge step fostering a deeper connection between offline and online dating. With the help of Wingman Barney™ - both men and women can overcome awkwardness and find matches in a new, easy way.

Friend Wingman Barney™ on Facebook to read his horoscopes, ask him relationship questions and many more.

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