Online Dating Safety Tips

Follow these simple rules for safe dating.

Always listen to your gut instinct 01

  • If you feel any discomfort
    with the user,
    cease the conversation for your
    own safety.

  • Keep away from anyone
    who seems too good
    to be true.

  • When communicating with
    members, pay attention
    to how they behave, communicate,
    and act.

  • If you have any doubts,
    report the user to us and we
    will investigate the issue.

Don’t provide personal information 02

  • Create an unusual
    that won’t give
    away any personal data about

  • Never share information
    such as your full name, home
    address or telephone

  • Make sure you send and
    receive emails via our
    anonymous and safe onsite
    email system.

Beware of scammers 03

If you suspect the person
contacting you to be a scammer,
ignore them and report them
to us via our scammer reporting

Never ever share your credit
card information
or other
financial details.

Be cautious of members
who lie
about their
location in profiles.

Use the “senses” technology 04

Use audio and video dating
to get to know other members
better. You can maintain your anonymity and
still communicate with the person.

Use our online phone features to have
a live conversation without disclosing
your own phone number.

Remember that a user might not be
who they seem. Communicate
with trustworthy people only.

Live dates 05

Arrange meet ups in
a busy place where you
will not be alone with your

Inform a friend
where you are going with your
date and what time you are
supposed to be
back home.

Before arranging
a live date, get to
know a person well.

Always carry your cell
with you.

Comic #1

Always trust your instincts

Comic #2

Keep away from anyone who
seems too good to be true

Comic #3

Never share your personal information
and credit card details